Finamore Design

Brand Development for the Digital Age


Creative Director, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Production Artist, call me what you want. I have played these roles, and more, in advertising, design, interactive, public relations, publishing, and in-house art departments. Titles are not important to me anymore, what matters most is the quality of the work.


In the beginning, I learned how to code. Back then it was AppleSoft Basic. Now it’s HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. Like the visual arts, there is a beauty to be found in these letters and numbers.


I have been teaching in Drexel University‘s Digital Media Program since 2005. The main focus of my teaching has been front end design and development, UI/UX, and all the rest of the alphabet soup.


Maybe it’s because my undergraduate degree is in Fine Arts that I ground all my work in a creative concept, but when not working for a client or teaching I dabble in photography, glass, oil, acrylic… regardless of the medium, for me it always starts with a pencil and an idea.