Finamore Design

Brand Development for the Digital Age


Creative Director, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Production Artist, call me what you want. I have played these roles, and more, in advertising, design, interactive, public relations, publishing, and in-house art departments.


In the beginning, I learned how to code. Back then it was AppleSoft Basic. Now it’s HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. Like the visual arts, there is a beauty to be found in these letters and numbers.


I have been teaching in Drexel University‘s Digital Media Program since 2005. The main focus of my teaching has been front end design and development.


Maybe it’s because my undergraduate degree is in Fine Arts that I ground all my work in a creative concept. But, when not working for a client I dabble in Photography, Glass, Oil, Acrylic… Regardless of the medium, for me it all starts with a pencil.